Board Development

Board Development

Are you struggling to get all your board members on the same page? Do your board members know their roles? By investing in your board and developing their skill sets, you will help them achieve greater results and develop greater philanthropic partners.

Board Retreat

Every member of your board needs to know their value and be able to use their skills to enhance the organization. A board retreat is a great way to increase the bond between board members and give them board-specific training to improve their performance.

Board Communication

While board members do not spend a lot of time together, they must be able to communicate effectively. By improving communication skills towards all stakeholders, board meetings will become more efficient and board members will be more effective in raising organizational awareness.

Board Meeting Facilitation

Board members need to be able to be frank and honest with each other and with the President of the organization. Sometimes, being open and honest works better when a third party is involved. Facilitated board meetings garner feedback, increase communication, and keep the ball rolling!

Customized Solutions

Not sure where to start? Contact Us to set up a meeting for us to discuss your board needs, strengths, and opportunities. We can design a board development plan to fit your organization.

A high performing board leads to a high-performing organization.

Dr. Stevie Dawn worked with me to craft an agenda for our Executive Board Retreat. She listened well, asked great questions and in the end, facilitated a wonderful planning session. Our board outlined important goals for 2017 and got to know each other’s heart for NewDay’s mission. Dr. Stevie Dawn was terrific from beginning to end. She gets it!
Tommy Jordan
Executive Director of NewDay Services



Every program, retreat, and training is different. Contact Us to discuss the details and get a quote.

Frequently asked questions

A LOT! Board members need to understand their own strengths and values, their roles and responsibilities, and the expectations of the organization. While many board members will come to you with experience and knowledge of board service, some may not. We recommend a mentoring program, where more experienced board members provide support to newer, less experienced board members. The most important topics for board development include: governance, roles and responsibilities, communication, and fund-raising.

Every organization and every board is different. We have facilitated meetings that were 90-minutes, retreats that were 4-hours, and new board member training that lasted 3 days. Every group is different and has different needs. Once we determine your board development goals, we can craft a program that works best for your group, your mission, your budget, and your schedule.

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