Police Case Study

Client: Large, urban Police Department (over 1500 officers) in a southern state: Fort Worth, Texas.


Driver: Due to the expanded influence of the media and the focus on Police interactions, it was critical for our client to develop training to improve communication with internal stakeholders and external constituents. It is imperative that Police be able to communicate effectively with each other, their Chain of Command, and the communities they serve.

Challenge: The Advanced Training Unit had difficulty finding a program that not only developed communication skills but also dealt with the internal leadership and accountability issues. Resources such as time and staff were stretched thin in working to deliver mandated training. So a partnership was formed with Stevie Dawn Inspires, LLC to customize and deliver the needed content.

Solution: We identified the core competencies that needed to be addressed and determined that the best group with which to implement the training would be at the Sergeant rank. These were the front-line supervisors who oversee 1500 officers throughout the city. Once the group and core competencies were identified, we designed a curriculum based on Emotionally Intelligent Leadership.

20160906_155347Result: At the conclusion of the program, Sergeants demonstrated heightened Emotional Intelligence (approximately 150% increase) and confidence in communication. Assessments showed an increase in self-awareness and leadership ability.

2017 Update: After feedback from participants and command staff, we redesigned the program with a focus on Agile Leadership and Emotional Intelligence. This specific leadership style appears to have the most alignment with the work of these Sergeants; ever-changing and adapting. We have also shortened the in-class portion of the program and increased the online work. We are currently working to develop a program on strategic management for Lieutenants.

For more information about our work with Police Officers, please send Dr. Stevie Dawn an e-mail at stevie@orangecompass.com.