About Us

Founded in 2015, Orange Compass, LLC is an emotional intelligence-based training company. We believe that all training should not only include an emotional intelligence (EI) component but also be facilitated using EI. Emotional Intelligence is one of the great skills that all effective communicators possess. The ability to communicate a message with awareness and understanding. To influence the world around you. This is what we strive for every day.

With experience in various industries, we challenge people to change their workplace behaviors. To create a positive workplace environment filled with high energy leaders who are producing exceptional results. Our team is focused on facilitating high-quality training, both in-person and online, as well as providing inspired customer service. Regardless of the length, depth, or program topic, once you attend a workshop or enroll in a course, you are a part of the Stevie Dawn Inspires Family and we are glad you are here!

Meet Our CEO

My name is Dr. Stevie Dawn and I am the founder and CEO for Orange Compass, LLC. I have been a trainer all of my life. I taught my first class at age 8…a dance class for my peers at the local community center. Since then, I have always been in a teaching role in every job and at every organization, I have ever worked with. Teaching and training are in my blood. After running a few dance studios, an injury took dance out of my life for awhile and I was lucky enough to find a new type of knowledge to impart.

I obtained my Master’s degree in Sociology from Wichita State University (Go Shocks!) and became a college professor. After 12 years in higher education and obtaining my doctorate degree, from Colorado State University, it was time for a new challenge. I decided to take my love of training and culture, along with my education in leadership and Emotional Intelligence to create a corporate training company that would help others. I want to challenge people to change their workplace behaviors; to become impactful leaders; to empower their employees.

I have been blessed to work in amazing companies and with positive people my whole life. It’s time for other people to have the same. Along the way, I have been blessed with an amazing team that helps me provide fun and engaging training both in-person and online. Every leader needs a team and I know that I have one of the best. They make going to work every day a dream.


Dr. Stevie Dawn