4 Easy Ways to Improve your Company Culture

Are you currently using EI? How high is your EQ?

There are lots of different instruments that can be used to “test” for Emotional Intelligence. As part of our training programs, we use a self-assessment that asks participants to focus on recent conversations: how they have handled their emotions and reacted to the emotions of others. Regardless of what instrument you use, it is pretty easy to do a quick gut-check to see if your organization has a high EQ (emotional quotient). As yourself these four questions:

  1. Do we deal with misunderstandings/miscommunication on a weekly basis?
  2. Do we talk about certain teams/departments who just can’t seem to get along?
  3. Do we have trouble creating buy-in and getting consensus from our employees?
  4. Do we have a high turnover rate?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, you probably need to improve your EQ. These are common workplace issues that every organization faces, at one time or another. We all have been in those jobs where everyone seems nice, but there are a lot of gossips. We have had those bosses that just struggle to communicate their vision. Many of these communication mishaps can be prevented by utilizing more Emotional Intelligence.

An organization with a high EQ is one where employees stay for longer periods of time, where there is a general happiness and positivity throughout the office, where communication is something that is seen as a strength and necessity for great work.

If your organization needs help increasing your EQ, contact us.

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